Category: 02 – Direct Recruitment

  • Competency Frameworks

    Major development in HRM and HRP. Play major role in job definition, selection process, appraisal and training process. Enables transparency in selection and ongoing appraisal. Check list of skills, abilities and characteristics and required levels needed to perform job. Included in job description and person specification. Listed under two categories – essential¬†and desirable. Used when…

  • Stages of systematic recruitment

    Stages of systematic recruitment process: Job analysis Identify what the job is, duties, reporting lines, skills & attributes required plus remuneration. Job description Description of the job, contains competency check list. Person specification Required/desired qualities of the applicant – education, experience etc. Application process Process will depend on job to be filled and the organisation.…

  • Systematic Approach to Recruitment

    Systematic approach to recruitment required to select right person for the job. Ensures correct policies and procedures are followed and that approach is repeatable and transparent.

  • Recruitment

    Recruitment – matching skills, knowledge, experience & characteristics of person to those of the job. Important to select right person for right job otherwise they will be inefficient cost the organisation more.

  • Human Resource Planning

    Human Resource Management (HRM) attraction selection training assessment rewarding employees Human Resource Planning (HRP) – part of HRM, ensures organisation has employees required to meet strategic objectives. HRP will identify current & future resource requirement, compare them against currently employed and planned employed resource and identify any gap. Any gap is then incorporated into a…