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  • Books

    Books likely to be factually correct but content may not be current given time to get published and available for purchase. For example, book published in 2014 may have been written in 2012. Publishers have rigorous process of validation and editing. Always use most recent edition. If used as a source, support the material with…

  • Who Writes Academic Papers?

    Academics Industrial researchers Students Not usually degree students Masters students required to “contribute significantly to the knowledge of mankind” Additionally, anyone can write an academic paper. Peer review process is double-blind therefore author does not need to be expert in subject area. Reviewer does not need to know paper is not from large research institution.

  • What are Academic Papers for?

    Papers validate contributions to knowledge. Reviewed: Subject experts peer review. Published with others in area checking it. Scrutinised by other researchers once in public domain. Tested again and again by many people. Paper can stand up to tests, be modified or thrown out. Papers disseminate knowledge, e.g. discover and share a cure for disease. Papers…

  • What is an Academic Paper?

    Document that presents research work to the world. Formal document – conforms to style and structure guidelines. Published in credible domain or forum i.e. conference or journal.

  • Who will publish it?

    Need to find suitable academic journal or conference covering topic we are discussing. Both issue calls for papers and list topics they are interested in. Some focused, others have a broader range of topics. Best way to find publishers is to review list of who published papers in literature review.