Tag: Azure Portal

  • Create a new Resource Group

    Create a new Resource Group

    Three ways to create a resource group in Azure.

  • Connect, configure and test a web server

    This article will show you how to connect to the VM built previously in the “Create a Linux VM in Azure” article, how to install and configure the server with the necessary software to server a web site and finally how to test it works. Connecting to a Linux VM Log in to Azure Portal…

  • Create a Linux VM in Azure

    This article will walk through how you can create a Linux VM in Microsoft Azure. Login into the Azure Portal using your account, and create one for free if you do not currently have one – see this short article on how to do that. Select Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (most current at the time…

  • Create a SSH key pair in Azure

    Creating an SSH key pair is straightforward and should only take a moment by following these simple steps. To get started, log in to Azure Portal and click the Cloud Shell button on the top bar. If this is the first time that you’ve used the Cloud Shell then you’ll be asked whether you want…