Tag: hypothesis

  • Contribution to knowledge

    Presentation of research work and detailed discussion of what has been done. Includes ideas, concepts, tested hypothesis and evidence that conclusion is based on.

  • Aspects of the Literature Review

    Should be well-argued & critical evaluation of particular subject. Should show width and depth of reading relevant and appropriate literature. Not sufficient to read two or three papers. Remember triangulation. Should focus clearly on particular issue being looked at. Should learn a lot about subject and will help give clearer focus on questions to ask.…

  • Triangulation

    Need significant body of evidence to support hypothesis. If taken from literature, read extensively around subject and gather wide range of correlative sources. If evidence is from own work, number of data sets required from different circumstances to ensure experiments/observations are repeatable. This approach is called triangulation – sets of evidence from various sources supporting…

  • Hypothesis

    Tentative explanation for observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can ┬ábe tested by further investigation. Example: Question: Why is the sky blue? Hypothesis: Because someone painted a big sheet and dropped it over the world. Research: Get in space rocket and go to the big blue sheet. Results: Couldn’t find big blue sheet. Observation: Go…

  • Terminology

    Research has to be focused. Need a clear target to stay focused on. Avoid going off on tangents. Some terminology: Hypothesis Theory Prediction Thesis and Dissertation