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  • Collecting the Right Information

    Need to record the appropriate information about the source during research. Books The author’s or editor’s name (or names) The year the book was published The title of the book If it is an edition other than the first The city the book was published in The name of the publisher Journals The author’s name…

  • Books

    Books likely to be factually correct but content may not be current given time to get published and available for purchase. For example, book published in 2014 may have been written in 2012. Publishers have rigorous process of validation and editing. Always use most recent edition. If used as a source, support the material with…

  • What is an Academic Paper?

    Document that presents research work to the world. Formal document – conforms to style and structure guidelines. Published in credible domain or forum i.e. conference or journal.

  • Hierarchy of Credibility

    Hierarchy of credibility: Journals Conferences Academic books Manufacturer’s white papers & internally published papers Wikipedia/Webpodia Web blogs Manufacturer’s white papers may not be considered as credible as journals or conference papers as there will be a degree of bias toward their own service or product. The white paper will also likely not have gone through…

  • Journals

    Peer-reviewed periodical. Publishes work related to particular academic discipline. Editor normally has other professional responsibilities such as teaching at university. They collate substantial pieces of research work, present large bodies of evidence and represent significant contributions to knowledge.