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  • Installing Kali 2021 in VirtualBox

    Installing Kali 2021 in VirtualBox

  • Create a Linux VM in Azure

    This article will walk through how you can create a Linux VM in Microsoft Azure. Login into the Azure Portal using your account, and create one for free if you do not currently have one – see this short article on how to do that. Select Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (most current at the time…

  • Docker and Containers: The Big Picture

    These are my notes from Nigel Poulton’s course on PluralSight, “Docker and Containers: The Big Picture“. Do check out his videos, he’s an easy guy to listen to and explains the subject matter in a digestible manner. Yo can also follow him on Twitter – @nigelpoulton What are containers? Hypervisor Takes slice of physical server…