Tag: VoIP

  • Benefits of VoIP

    Lower operational cost – single infrastructure, free additional features (caller ID & conference call). Flexibility – more than one call over single broadband connection. Security – encrypt/authenticate IP stream. Integration – video conversation, data file exchange & audio conference.  

  • Corporate Users

    Many large companies have extensive data communications networks internally and across sites. No need to spend extra for voice services, use existing network for VoIP services. Advantages: Migrating from copper-wire to VoIP over data network Better use of bandwidth Lower cost – no duplicating services Unified communication systems – single infrastructure to manage Dual-mode phones…

  • Telecommunication Providers

    “IP Backhaul” – providing links between switching stations (exchanges) and connecting between providers. Some providers rolling out VoIP in place of standard telephony service.

  • Consumer Market

    Available since 2004. Delivered by existing broadband connection. Behaves much like standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Requires equipment: Dedicated VoIP phone, or Adaptor for standard analog phone, or Software and headset/web cam Benefit for home users is ability to make free phone calls, especially when making long distance calls. Most common provider is Skype.

  • Current VoIP Standard

    Carrying mechanism is Internet Protocol (IP). Protocol issues around establishing and managing connection. Different protocols available for VoIP.