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  • Are White Papers Credible?

    Somewhat credible, refer back to¬†Hierarchy of Credibility. Protect reputation – unlikely to publish something that is wrong. Have to sell their products – unlikely to publish anything negative towards it. No independent peer review of white paper. Reviewed and edited by internal personnel. Triangulation required to rule out bias. Do not always have named authors.…

  • Manufacturers

    Computer equipment manufacturers do a lot of research and are responsible for major contributions to computer technology. Also fund research in universities and other organisations. Manufacturers sometimes publish their findings in academic journals and conferences. Peer review applies. Research is credible. In-house publications known as white papers. Are white papers credible?

  • Hierarchy of Credibility

    Hierarchy of credibility: Journals Conferences Academic books Manufacturer’s white papers & internally published papers Wikipedia/Webpodia Web blogs Manufacturer’s white papers may not be considered as credible as journals or conference papers as there will be a degree of bias toward their own service or product. The white paper will also likely not have gone through…