Ubuntu One on Peppermint

Having used my eee PC 901 a fair bit for development work, it suddenly struck me that if I lost my netbook or if it had a technical failure I would be able to get the files back.
While there are plenty of resources like Dropbox I decided to pursue Ubuntu One (U1) as I had previously set up an account on another of my computers albeit a Windows device.
Checking out the Software Manager I found Ubuntu One and clicked Install only to find that it did nothing. So, a quick search on the web gave me the following steps to install the application…

sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-gnome ubuntuone-control-panel-qt ubuntuone-client-proxy
sudo apt-get install –reinstall ca-certificates

After performing the above steps, go to Preferences from the Menu button and select Ubuntu One. Go through the configuration steps and either create a new account or authenticate to an existing account, select the folders to sync and job done!
Well, at least I thought so, but seeing as some of work is outside of my home folder I seemed unable to sync it. The solution to this problem however is courtesy of this command:

rsync -l -r /var/www /home/user/destination

So, in my case. my command looked like rsync -l -r /var/www /home/john. This then copies across the contents of the /var/www folder to /home/john/www – the www folder in my home is created by the command.
The remaining step is for me to schedule this command through cron and then my automatic backups and taking care of – sweet!





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