Static or Dynamic Models

Models classified as either static or dynamic models.
Static models

  • tend not to change much, only if significant change in situation
  • London tube map changes only when new line added
  • powerful source of information/understanding if situation is constant

Used in business environment to understand enterprise/system, simulation used to analyse behaviour of system.
Most models are static, simulation is necessary for dynamic model.
Systems change an input over time, static model is snapshot of that dynamic system. Useful in determining items, processes and functions.
Dynamic models

  • used to understand behaviour of systems that change over time
  • changes outputs in response to changes to inputs
  • represents system behaviour
  • e.g.spreadsheet with formulae providing different outputs according to inputs, outputs also change if formulae is changed

Static system representations provide majority of information required to construct dynamic model. May not be realistic to use static models to represent all complex systems behaviours.
Dynamic models can provide information about state of system at given time, or generate performance measures over period of time. Can also monitor system behaviour based on varying operating conditions.





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