Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) stages 5 – 7

Stage 5 – Conceptual Models compared to problem expression and Root Definitions. Stages 2 – 5 reiterated if there are differences until Root Definition agrees with Conceptual Model.
Differences likely between Root Definition and Conceptual Model due to more analysis being carried out in development of Conceptual Model.
Stage 6 – Identify the feasible and desirable changes by comparing the agreed Root Definition and Conceptual Model with the problem expression from Stage 1.
Stage 7 – feasible and desired changes actioned and implemented.
After changes implemented, process starts again at Stage 1 – continual analysis of situation.
Root Definition – short, concise statement of what system is – clear to stakeholders what definition is.
Many stakeholders involved in situation – Rich Pictures and Root Definitions drawn up for all stakeholders. Stakeholders have different prospectives, therefore, there will be different Rich Pictures and Root Definitions.
SSM process reconciles differences resulting in agreed Root Definition.


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