I.T. Department Functions

I.T. function responsibilities:

  • Software Development
    • Development/acquisition of application software for payroll, accounting, stock etc.
  • Data Management
    • Covers data design, data models and data security.
  • Network Management
    • Provides network services.
  • Operations Management
    • Responsible for running network, hardware and software as well as back up and security of data.
  • End User Support
    • Interfaces with users, covers user support, help desk and user training.
  • Capacity Planning
    • Plan future capacity requirements for power, disc capacity and network capacity.
  • Technical Services
    • All non-database and non-application related software, supporting operating systems.

May be issues in assigning responsibilities and workloads of above departments.
E.g. Software Development, how to split resources between supporting/maintaining existing software and developing new applications. Choices are:

  • Separate development and support teams.
    • Support may not always be fully occupied therefore less productive.
    • Some support issues may require highly skilled staff taking them away from dev work.
  • Combined team working on both dev and support.
    • Maximises use of skills.
    • Lack of focus as priorities unclear.
  • Development team plus support team who work on small enhancements.
    • Dev team work on new software.
    • Support can work on small scale enhancements helping to even out highs and lows in support.



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