Installing TFS 2015 Proxy Server

Here are the steps I took to install Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Proxy Server.
Download the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 (with update 1) from MSDN.
Use disk image software to mount the ISO image.
Browse to the virtual device where the ISO is mounted and run tfs_server.exe.
Choose the installation location and click Install (figure 1).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 1
The install will commence installation (figure 2).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 2
Select Configure Team Foundation Server Proxy and click Start Wizard (Figure 3).
TFS Proxy Server 2015 03
Figure 3
The Proxy Configuration Wizard then loads, click Next (figure 4).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 4
Click Browse to add a Team Project Collection.
Click Servers, then Add.
Enter the URL of the Team Foundation Server and click OK. Click Close.
Then select the Collection and click Connect (figure 5).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 5
Click Next (figure 6).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 6
Either leave the Service Account as the default or select a purpose-created account. Verify that under Advanced Configuration, NTLM is selected. Click Next (figure 7).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 7
Leave the default settings, unless an alternative File Cache Folder location is required. Click Next.
Review the settings. Click Next (figure 8).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 8
The readiness checks will validate the system is ready for configuration.
The log shows that some IIS features (SSI, CustomLogging and WindowsAuthentication) are not installed so this will be done automatically.
Click Configure (figure 9).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 9
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 10
Configuration will complete. Click Next (figure 11).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 11
Review the results. Click Close (figure 12).
TFS Proxy Server 2015
Figure 12
Click Close on the Configuration Center window.
That’s it, all done!
To check that it is working as expected, update Visual Studio to use the proxy server. In VS2010 go to Tools -> Options -> Source Control -> Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Tick the “Use proxy server for file downloads” checkbox and specify the name of the proxy server.
On the proxy server, in Performance Monitor, you can add the counters for TFS Proxy Server. My preference is then to change the graph type to Report, all the metrics should be nill value. When you then Get Latest on something in the same collection then the counters should start to reflect this.
I shall add to my list of future posts an example of using the command line to pre-cache the files to improve performance. If possible I shall do this with PowerShell although I have done this previously with a DOS file.





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