Infrastructure Components

Number of components varying in scale & size that make up the infrastructure:

  1. Software Management
    • software e.g. OS, apps, RDBMS may be on centralised/decentralised servers, mobile devices
    • copies and installed locations require managing – licensing implications.
    • Key and costly asset.
    • Version control of software requires management.
    • Compatibility of software and versions.
  2. Networks
    • Key component.
    • Can become bottleneck if not managed correctly.
    • Speed & capacity planning needs to occur regularly.
    • Internal & external networks.
  3. Databases
    • DB and data management key activities.
    • DB activities include: availability, access, security, performance.
    • Data activities include: design, modelling & quality.
    • Data vital asset.
  4. Hardware
    • servers – app, DB, web & network, PCs, laptops & mobile devices.
    • Significant investment.
  5. Configuration Management
    • Recording of all components in repository using specialist piece of software.
    • Components include hardware, software etc.
  6. Security
    • Critical activity.
    • Physical implementation & monitoring of security is responsibility of I.T. management.


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