Areas to Consider When Upgrading Technology

Considerations when upgrading technology:

  • What is the upgrade?
    • Fix issue(s) in current technology
    • Is issue impacting organisation?
  • Is there new functionality?
    • If so, is it required now or in future?
  • Has support been removed for previous versions?
    • Support for older technology only lasts for a certain time
  • Are there dependent upgrades required?
    • Is need to upgrade from upgrading other technology?
    • Does upgrade require other technologies to be upgraded?
  • Physical implementation
    • Impact on organisation – costs, risks, downtime
    • Rollback strategy
  • Testing overhead
    • Will there be negative impact on infrastructure

Can be major logistical undertaking – many machines to upgrade, geographically dispersed, training, upgrade duration and windowing.
May need to consider peak/off-peak time for organisation to minimise disruption.


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