Implementation of New Technologies

Many areas to consider when planning implementation of new technologies.
Link to business strategy – most important – how will new tech link to business strategy?
Business strategy – statement of organisations goals and objectives. New acquisitions must contribute toward this.
Technology needs to be considered in terms of:

  • If it has new functionality, then functionality needs to be considered.
  • If new, how proven & robust is technology?
  • Cost implications of technology?
  • Is source proprietary or open source? Need to form relationship with supplier if proprietary.
  • Impact on existing business processes.
  • Impact on employees & customers.
  • Impact on I.T. infrastructure.
  • Impact on skill set required by I.T. department.
  • Are competitors using or likely to use the technology?
  • Will consultancy be required to implement?

Business case required to support acquisition of new technology. Should have positive return on investment. Business case may not provide positive return. Reasons can be:

  • Enforced upgrade due to removal of support for current technology.
  • Benefits gained by previous implementation of technology.
  • Required to support other technologies which have a positive return,

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – important to state this in business case. Cost from purchase & implementation through to retirement. Consider any on-going licensing fees.


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