Install Git binaries on Windows

Steps to install the Git binaries on a Windows operating system, in this case Windows 8.1.
Browse to and download the appropriate version for your operating system.
Downloading Git
Click through the licence agreement.
Git Information
Select the folder to install Git to.
Git Set Destination Folder
Deselect “Associate .sh files to be run with Bash” as we’ll be using a separate instance of Bash to run the scripts. Click Next.
Git Start Menu Folder
Click Next.
Git Path Environment
Click Next.
Git SSH Executable
Click Next.
Git Line Ending Conversions
Click Next.
Choose your preference on terminal emulator and click Next.
Git Terminal Emulator
Click Install.
Git Extra Options
Click Finish.
Git Completing Setup
Now you can test that Git has installed correctly. Open a DOS command prompt and type “git”.
Git Dos Prompt
That’s all there is to it. This post will form part of a series where we get a Jenkins-based automated build process up and running.





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