Research Activity 01

Credible Sources

Rate each following source in terms of credibility and justify view.

  • Wikipedia
    • Not very credible.
    • This is a crowd-based knowledge website which anyone can update without having any qualification in the subject area. References to support information can be included but it is not mandatory.
  • RDI notes
    • More credible.
    • As they are written by people with domain knowledge and, presumably, reviewed for accuracy by an academic peer.
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
    • Credible.
    • This is an industry publication with a pool of literally hundreds of reviewers. The integrity of the journal is maintained through only publishing reviewed articles. The articles have many references to support the content. The journal belongs to an established professional organisation.
  • Journal of Information and Computing Science
    • Fairly credible.
    • The journal has strict guidelines on publishing articles and has a review board. It does not belong to an established organisation however so may not carry the same kudos.
  • Stallings, W. (2013), Computer Organisations and Architecture, Designing for Performance 9th Edition, Prentice Hall
    • Credible.
    • The author has published 17 titles, has been published by the IEEE, received awards from academic field, has over 30 years experience and he has both a B.S. and PhD.

It should be noted that the sources, although some requiring review prior to publication, are still subjective from the author’s perspective and multiple papers should be reviewed to gain a more balanced view.





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