The Internet (Web)

Internet/Web not a source, only method of delivery.
Need to identify where the information has come from before being available on the Internet.
Example 1 – an academic paper you found via the Internet
Archives such as those provided by IEEE and ACM make published academic papers available via the Internet. The paper will be credible whether it is found online via one of these sources, as an example, or not. Should be referenced correctly, i.e. IEEE Transcations on Communication, Available from URL “xxxx”.
Example 2 – a “Normal” Web Site
Web site not associated with credible source such as IEEE or ACM.
Could be published by anyone and contain any information – up-to-date and accurate information from an expert in the field, or, a drop-out who has a vendetta against a particular person, company or technology.
No way to discern credibility.
Triangulation – if suitable information is found on a “normal” web site, check it’s origin.
Can info be found from more credible source?
Is it supported by other credible sources?
Bear in mind that information on the Web propagates – i.e. the same information can be found repeated in several places.


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