Research Activity: Review a White Paper

Critical review of What Do Consumers Want from Public Wi-Fi? A Cisco white paper by Stuart Taylor and Tine Christensen.
Quotes Cisco’s own research but also that from ABI Research.
Cisco survey of only a small number – 620.
Age group and employment status of public Wi-Fi users is not supported by referenced research.
There isn’t supporting data or references for some of the claims such as usage by laptop users on page 4, the only data present is for smartphone users so we are left to assume what we are being told is correct.
On page 6, there is a claim that 30% of mobile users do not use public Wi-Fi and that 52% have no need for it. Again, this is not supported by references.
Reference to Cisco research on page 6. Credibility could have been improved if referencing third-party research.
More mention of research with no references (customer awareness) on page 7.
The report does offer some conclusions and areas where public Wi-Fi can be improved and monetised.
Although the survey number was low, it appears that a reasonable demographic split was obtained.
The white paper did not follow the format of a standard academic paper with no stated structure.





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