Referencing Textbooks

Use title page, not book cover.
Include edition only when not the first. No specified edition, then usually first.
Required elements are:

  • Author, initials
  • Year
  • Title of book
  • Edition (only if not the first)
  • Place of publication (town or city)
  • Publisher

e.g. Elliott, C. and Quinn, F., 2010. English Legal System. 10th Edition. Harlow: Pearson
When accessed via resource such as password protected library database, elements are:

  • Author, initials
  • Year
  • Title of book [type of medium]
  • Edition
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher

e.g. Fishman, R., 2005. The rise and fall of suburbia [e-book]. 2nd Edition. Chester: Castle Press.


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