Nielsen’s views

Jakob Nielsen – five concepts:

  1. Learnability – system ease of use.
  2. Efficiency – how well system maps interface to user interaction.
  3. Memorability – how easy it is for users to remember how to do something.
  4. Errors – how well errors are handled and prevented.
  5. Satisfaction – user satisfaction with system.

Top ten web design mistakes according to Nielsen:

  1. Using frames
  2. Gratuitous use of Bleeding-Edge Technology
  3. Scrolling text, marquees and constantly running animations
  4. Complex URLs
  5. Orphan pages
  6. Long scrolling pages
  7. Lack of navigation support
  8. Non-standard link colours
  9. Outdated information
  10. Overly long download times.


  1. Legibility problems
  2. Non-standard links
  3. Flash
  4. Content that’s not written for the web
  5. Bad search
  6. Browser incompatibility
  7. Cumbersome forms
  8. No contact information or other company info
  9. Frozen layouts with fixed page widths
  10. Inadequate photo enlargement



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