Removing objects

This is a useful feature of Photoshop.
There are two phases in removing an object from an image:

  1. The removal of the object
  2. Filling the area left by the removed object

1 – The removal of the object

  • Selecting the Rectangular Marquee tool.
  • Creating a marquee (click and drag action) around the object that is to be removed.
  • Selecting the Zoom tool
  • Zooming in on the selected content.
  • Selecting the Pen tool.
  • Selecting the Paths item on the toolbar.
  • Using the Path tool we must click at very short intervals till we surround the content to be removed. The shortest the intervals of the clicks the more detailed the outcome.
  • Clicking the box that started the selected path (first selection) when the surrounding area is complete.
  • Right-clicking in the selected area (path) to access the Make Selection dialog box.
  • Selecting Anti-Aliased that provides a smooth outline around the selected object.
  • Clicking OK in the dialog box creates a path around the object.
  • Clicking the Image -> Cut button removes the selected object.
  • Choosing the Select ( Deselect menu item removes the selection.

2 – Filling the area left by the removed object

  • Selecting the Lasso tool.
  • Creating a selection similar to the one that was removed, ensuring the selection contains elements of the image that are expected to be in the place of the removed object (e.g. background plantation). This step requires dragging with the Lasso tool.
  • Choosing the Select -> Modify -> Feather menu item.
  • Entering 5 in the radius field will help feathering to blend the photograph patch with the rest of the photograph.
  • Clicking OK to confirm the feathering
  • Clicking on the selection that is created and holding the Command key will allow to move the selection till the removed area is covered.
  • Choosing Select -> Deselect menu item to complete the move.
  • Repeating the process till the missing part of the image is filled.
  • Zoom out to view the finished results.

Further info on copying while moving from Adobe.


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