My DevOps Journey, The Start

I plan to document steps in my new role as a DevOps Engineer from the principles, practises and techniques, through to researching and learning new tools and how we implement all this in the company I work for.

My career in IT started as an Analyst Programmer working in VB6, several further development positions followed creating applications in VB.Net and then C# along with MS SQL Server. I then started working with servers as a Senior Server Analyst, this was followed by some years as a DBA before joining Tribal as a Development Engineer. Four years later I was promoted to Engineering Team Lead and a further two years down the line sees me making another change.

My recent roles have been orientated around databases and servers covering Oracle and MS SQL Server on Windows and RHEL platforms. The work has been varied and has included:

  • server administration
  • estate management
  • physical and virtual servers
  • TFS for source control and builds
  • facilitating test automation with PowerShell and Test Execute
  • developing REST APIs with dotnet Core and Entity Framework

Much of what I have done has given me a decent foundation on which to build upon and the experience I have gained will be invaluable I’m sure.

There will be plenty for me to learn which is just what I love so I’ll be hoping to share some of that learning journey here as I go.

Posts will cover various aspects in parallel, for example, I’m likely to write a high level piece about what DevOps is alongside a technical document on Git – the concepts and how it is used.

I’m not going to get into the nuances of DevOps and how it is not a role or a team, that is something for another time. For the purposes here I shall be using the term DevOps to describe my role, the team I work in and how we use it to further the success of the company.

I’m excited to be starting this new chapter – working on a new product and collaborating with some talented, motivated and personable developers and engineers.





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