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  • Create a new Resource Group

    Create a new Resource Group

    Three ways to create a resource group in Azure.

  • AzureRm is dead, long live Az!

    December 2018 saw the first stable release from Microsoft of the “Az” module. The Az module replaces AzureRm which has now received bug fixes only, any new features and/or development will take place for Az. To check the latest version of Az, take a look at this page in the Powershell Gallery. The new Az…

  • The Azure Resource Explorer

    This article talks about the Azure Resource Explorer tool from Microsoft, briefly touching on Resources and Resource Groups, and finally an example of how I have used it. Let’s start by taking a quick look at what Resources and Resource Groups are… Resources and Resource Groups Resources are Azure components that provide functionality, either individually…

  • Connect, configure and test a web server

    This article will show you how to connect to the VM built previously in the “Create a Linux VM in Azure” article, how to install and configure the server with the necessary software to server a web site and finally how to test it works. Connecting to a Linux VM Log in to Azure Portal…