AzureRm is dead, long live Az!

December 2018 saw the first stable release from Microsoft of the “Az” module. The Az module replaces AzureRm which has now received bug fixes only, any new features and/or development will take place for Az.

To check the latest version of Az, take a look at this page in the Powershell Gallery.

The new Az module allows for the cross-platform running of Azure Powershell.

The Az and AzureRm modules cannot be used side-by-side in the same scripts or Powershell sessions so the advice is to install the Az module, convert existing scripts to use the new cmdlets and then remove the AzureRm module.

To install the Az module, open a Powershell ISE or command prompt with elevated rights and then run the following:

Install-Module Az -AllowClobber

As an example, you can now use Connect-AzAccount rather than Connect-AzureRm.

To check what will be removed when uninstalling the AzureRm module, use:

The Az module includes a cmdlet to help with the removal of the AzureRm module, look here for more info on Uninstall-AzureRm.

Uninstall-AzureRm -WhatIf

If you’re happy with the results then go ahead and use:

Uninstall-AzueRm -PassThru

This will remove the modules and return a list of the module names.






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