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  • Objectives

    Identify what you are trying to achieve. One main aim with possibly 3-5 secondary objectives. Understandable by non-expert. Research is at leading edge of technology, therefore may not be many experts in area being looked into. Some may be familiar with area but not exact area. Objectives should be easily understood by such reader.

  • Research Outline

    Research is planned activity, commonly following outline: Objectives Activities Products Milestones Delivery Evidence

  • The Benefits of Budgets

    Various potential benefits of budgets & budgeting such as: coordinating business and service operations plan ahead – often reveals need for action which may have been otherwise forgotten learn – effective budgeting systems contain feedback loops motivating managers budgetary targets focus attention Performance judged against targets – must be achievable, realistic, negotiated rather than imposed.…

  • Group Feedback

    This post covers my proposal to the group feedback question set within the lesson. System: Administration Purpose: System to ensure students are able to study for a qualification and for tutors to teach. Goals/Objectives: Provide information to potential students. Facilitate registration of students. Provide scheduling information to tutors. Provide assistance with general queries. Definition (what…

  • System Purpose/Goals/Objectives

    See previous post on Goals and Objectives. Example: Global e-learning company. System definition: Provide distance learning throughout the world and some fixed site learning in the UK. It will use online materials and provide tutor support to students. In analysis of system, we should question our assumptions and ensure that what we think the system…

  • Goals/Objectives

    System has a purposeĀ – to achieve this, system will have goals and objectives. Goals and objectives are specific & achievable outcomes against which the system can be measured. Examples include sales figures, market share and profit margins.