Group Feedback

This post covers my proposal to the group feedback question set within the lesson.
System: Administration
Purpose: System to ensure students are able to study for a qualification and for tutors to teach.

  • Provide information to potential students.
  • Facilitate registration of students.
  • Provide scheduling information to tutors.
  • Provide assistance with general queries.

Definition (what do we want to achieve?): Inform potential students and help them to successfully apply. Support the students through their course ensuring they are satisfied with service. Provide tutors with timetabling and student information.
Black box one. Input; potential students, Output; enrolled students, Box (transformation); the application process.
Black box two. Input; student query, Output; satisfied and informed student, Box (transformation); provision of information and guidance.
Black box three. Input; Students and modules, Output; Tutor schedule, Box (transformation); student and module scheduling.
System Diagram:

System Diagram - Administration
System Diagram – Administration

Boundary and Environment:

  • Administration staff – their activities will be within the boundary.
  • Applications will be received from potential students in the environment but will be processed inside the boundary.
  • Timetabling will take place inside the boundary.
  • Course/Qualification information will exist within the boundary but will be supplied to both students inside the boundary and potential students in the environment.
  • Tutors activities take place in the environment.
  • Students – potential students are in the environment as well as those successfully enrolled.
  • The Finance Dept. is in the environment as they receive student application details and then send invoices as appropriate.
  • T. will be in the environment.


  • Enquiries from potential students
  • Applications from potential students
  • Student queries
  • Student and Module information


  • Enrolled students
  • Unsuccessful applicants
  • Satisfied and informed students
  • Timetabling information
  • Billing information for Finance Dept.


  • Take potential students and assist them to become enrolled students.
  • Take student and module information and produce timetables for the tutors.


  • Student applications: with no applications, students will remain potential students in the environment and there will be no value in running the courses.
  • Timetabling: by allocating students to a module we can see how many tutors will be required to run the course. The number of available tutors would determine the number of students that could be accepted and would either mean capping student numbers or recruiting additional tutors.
  • Satisfied and informed students – the more satisfied the student is with the answer to their query, the more likely they are to come back when they need more information – this is positive feedback. If they are not satisfied then they are not likely to come back and ask for further assistance – this is negative feedback.

Sub-systems and Hierarchy

  • Application system
  • Timetabling system
  • Student satisfaction
  • Administrative staff system
  • Course/Qualification information system


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