Tag: outsourcing

  • Infrastructure

    Delivery of I.T. infrastructure is responsibility of I.T. management. Infrastructure holds and processes significant assets belonging to the organisation. Delivery methods may vary. All of infrastructure may be run and owned by organisation, completely outsourced as a “black box” or somewhere in between. Infrastructure Delivery: All in house – most straight forward method, directly controlled…

  • Outsourcing Areas

    All I.T. functions can be outsourced, or individual ones such as: Software development significant amount of offshore development carried out in India. Can reduce cost of software development and may contribute to better quality software. Software maintenance Allows organisation to focus on new development. Has peaks & troughs so beneficial to outsource. Network management Access…

  • Costs of Outsourcing

    Contract management costs Loss of knowledge Costs if outsourcing relationship has problems Cost of any tender process Possible security problems

  • Benefits of Outsourcing

    Enables management to focus on core business Cost benefits from the economies of scale provided by the outsourcer Helps manage peaks and troughs of workloads Access to specialist skills Access to the outsource’s knowledge Helps manage risk

  • Outsourcing

    When an organisation has another organisation carry out some of its work activities to an agreed level in return for payment. Examples include services such as catering, cleaning and security. In I.T. outsourcing has being growing since 1970s and since 2000 there has been a growth in business processes being outsourced too.