Delivery of I.T. infrastructure is responsibility of I.T. management.
Infrastructure holds and processes significant assets belonging to the organisation.
Delivery methods may vary. All of infrastructure may be run and owned by organisation, completely outsourced as a “black box” or somewhere in between.
Infrastructure Delivery:
All in house – most straight forward method, directly controlled by I.T. management.
Outsourced as a black box – all infrastructure outsourced to one company. Advantage is only one supplier to deal with. Risk if the relationship with outsource company goes bad – all knowledge with supplier making it very difficult for organisation.
Other options are:

  • Outsource network only
  • Outsource operational running of hardware
  • Outsource new development
  • Outsource software maintenance
  • Outsource operational running of databases
  • Outsource database maintenance

Could be combination of above. Factors determining choice include:

  • Skills, knowledge, expertise & competencies
  • Cost
  • Strategic importance
  • Resource constraints



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